Thursday Update


Well, it’s Thursday. Again. Thursday’s are actually not too bad lately.

  1. Epic Games gives away free games every Thursday starting at 11am. Which means, if you hurry up, you can get last weeks’ games and then get next weeks’ games. About two weeks ago they had Roller Coaster Tycoon and I started weeks ago with Grand Theft Auto, which I’ve always wanted to play and now I can. Do I? No. I don’t have a lot of time for games. I work a lot and then I spend ridiculous amounts of time sleeping at night.
  2. Star Trek Discovery just started back up and it’s available on Thursdays. I usually get to watch it by Saturday or Sunday, but still – it’s something.

Not much to report. I’ve lost 10lbs. I listen to a lot of old radio (CBS Radio Mystery Theater). They are all from the 70’s and 80’s. Turns out back then, everyone was on the Special K challenge and listening to those finally turned me on to Special K (the cereal). Anyway, I dropped 10 lbs from eating cereal and exercising a little more. I like Special K Protein cerial a lot, but it’s 210 calories per cup. Regular Special K, which I’m working on now, is around 150, but it’s a lot “skimpier”. I feel like you’d have to eat it quicker or it will turn to mush. I had a box of Special K Strawberry which was really delicious when I started it, but tough to finish. I think I’d had enough strawberries.

Anyway, that’s the show so far. Hope you guys are having a great week.

Have fun storming the castle!

15 Minutes


I read this book a long time ago. We were on a fishing pier. It was called “15 minutes”. I don’t think it was called 15 seconds. 15 seconds doesn’t seem like enough time. No, it was 15 minutes. I only bring it up because I’ve since not even been able to locate the book, which was at the library. There are a number of books called 15 minutes, but they aren’t that book.

Anyway – the idea in the book was that if you have something to do, you should put aside 15 minutes to work on it. 15 Minutes is just the right amount of time such that if you absolutely HATE the task, you can rest easily knowing that you can stop soon. If you enjoy it and have the time, you could always invest more time.

The 15 minutes method is great for cleaning. You have to do dishes – surely, unloading and loading the dishwasher won’t take all of 15 minutes. Just do it. You’ll be happier later.

I have a number of places where I can use this right now. I have books that I never read because I don’t have “time”. But, everyone has 15 minutes. Heck, you’ve stared out of the window for 15 minutes just while you were zoning out – maybe multiple times in a day. So why not put that time towards something on your list of goals?

My next two goals – practicing piano and reading. I’m going to try and put at least 15 minutes to each of those today. I’ll report back tomorrow.

Ready, Set, Diet!

Well, it’s that time again!

Leading up to Thanksgiving, where if you don’t have it under control by then, you can count on adding another 20 pounds by February.

Not this year. Time for drastic measures and what-not.

Goal is to lose 30 pounds, I guess before Thanksgiving. 30 pounds in 30 days sounds so exciting, though, doesn’t it? I’m not going to hold myself to that. Maybe 30 pounds in 45 days.

Eat less and live more – right? Wish me luck!

Rumor has it

The news of my untimely death are greatly exaggerated.  I’m still here.  I keep thinking I’m going to write some whiz-bang post about growing up where I recount something from my past and maybe bring in conversations with my dad, but that would require effort.

I will say that every once in a while, I think back to when I was just a little kid and for a fleeting moment, I think what it would be like to be able to pass myself a message and then what would I say?

To my 8 year old self:
That’s a lot of sausage and hot dogs – you can probably lay off some of that.

To my 12 year old self:
Fight back.  There is absolutely no reason not to get in trouble at school.  All those times you were picked on should have been expeditiously followed-up with someone getting punched in the mouth and I doubt it would make anything bad happen to me in the grand scheme of things.

To my 18 year old self:
College is more important than you think – don’t skip classes, and ALWAYS do your work.

To my 22 year old self:
You probably won’t have this job as long as you might think.  You don’t need all of those extra computers, and you certainly should not go into debt buying them.  While the Amiga 2000 and the fancy multisync monitor might *seem* like something you need – trust me, you don’t.  You don’t need an old Commodore-64 either.  Take your own advice that you are giving out and “just pay cash”.

To my 25 year old self:
Well, that was gruesome.  I’ll bet you wished you hadn’t bought all of those computers now.  Going into business for yourself isn’t a bad idea, so keep it up.  It’s a lot harder than you might think, but it’s a great time to be doing what you are doing.

To my 26 year old self:
BBS’s might be fun – but a giant waste of time and money.  Compuserve is the same way, but you are going to meet someone this year from Ohio, so make sure that still happens.

To my 27 year old self:
Second chances are always good.   Maybe save your money this time (and pay some bills).  You should still  keep your business license and do something with it (besides the absolute nothing that you have planned)

That is all.  I think everything else went along okay.  The only blanket advice I’d supply is save money and always buy service contracts when they are offered.


Good evening!

For those of you keeping track, I had the tooth pulled.  It was horrible right before that and then after a week or two it was all better.

I read the most interesting article recently about keeping a journal.  The article explained that people who keep journals tend to do better in life because they have time to work through their issues.  We also started watching Grey’s Anatomy and Ellis Gray had kept years of journals and they were very involved and covered all of the details of her life.

I started keeping a journal and I maybe only put in two entries and then like most everything else I gave up.  Gave up is probably a harsh way of describing it – I won’t say I lost interest either, I more accurately just didn’t make it necessary in my daily schedule.

The only real successful alteration I’ve made in the last few years is wearing a tie daily.  At first it was only on Friday, and then it was everyday.  It’s finally at the point that I feel weird leaving the house without it if I’m going out for any real purpose that doesn’t involve fast food or Lowe’s.

Wearing a tie pays off because no matter who you are in a meeting with, a customer will always look at the person wearing the tie as if they know what’s going on.

In most cases, I do know what’s going on too… 🙂


A funny thing happened at the dentist…

March 29 – Went to dentist for cleaning.  I had no problems to report.  On a routine x-ray they said my #18 molar looked like it was developing a slight cavity.  It didn’t hurt and you couldn’t see it, but it was on the x-ray.

April 3 – Dentist fills cavity.  He said he had to fill it more than he expected.

April 3 – May 2 – I notice I can’t close my mouth all the way and it’s like my upper molar is hitting the filling.

May 6 – Called dentist over the weekend from pain that has developed, he says my filling is too high and he can grind it down. 

May 8 – He grinds it down and it does feel better.

May 10 – Up most of night – still hurts. #18 is higher than it used to be and the upper molar is hitting it.  (note, the EXACT upper molar is no longer there – it was pulled years ago, so it’s actually hitting the upper molar in front of it – which kind of jars it each time from side to side)

May 11 – Went to dentist.  Dentist says it must be an infection from the filling.  He recommends extracting the tooth, since there is no tooth above it and it doesn’t do anything.  A root canal would just be expense and it wouldn’t accomplish anything.  Oh, yeah, tooth is now a little loose.

So I have a call into another dentist that does extractions.

Did I mention I hate going to the dentist in the first place and I hate having my mouth numbed to work on stuff like this?

I think the old motto “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is still a good one.

Happy Easter!

Hi!  I just cleaned up my neighborhood – as if it really matters.  I’m already private only – now I’m just more private.  We are on a trip right now to Ohio.  Meanwhile, we’ve been working on a programming project for 8 months at work.  We sent the client sample after sample of the output and were told “these look great” f0r at least the last 8 weeks.  So why is it the week before I take a trip – the first trip I’ve taken in forever – the client sends a live file and it’s bad (Monday) then another live file (Wednesday) and it’s bad and then sends a fix that we need to implement – and then wants to see samples on Friday – while I’m on the road?  I had to work at the hotel Friday night after we drove FOREVER (another GPS nightmare – 14 hours to get from VA to OH – REALLY?)  Then I worked Saturday morning to prepare the samples – and yes, someone is at their office waiting.  Then we discover that this new change slows the program DOWN exponentially, so we devise a new way to do it and get that in place, and now on Easter Sunday we get the note that they are still looking at it and won’t have an answer until tomorrow – when I’m on the road again.

Why is that exactly?  I get frustrated that it seems like I cannot EVER leave the office without some horrible issue occuring.  Jamie suggests that this horribleness happens every day, but I’m there to cover it.  That’s certainly another way to look at it.

Oh, well…

A little (less) TV

Status Update:
It’s been a surprising successful week.  I’ve been reading a lot more than normal, and I like reading.  The reading is still limited to business books.   I traded an old piece of junk to a guy for a go cart for Nathan.  The guy wanted to trade and I said I wanted a go cart, and he had one.  Pay Dirt!  I lost two pounds and I’m going to sell something on eBay finally.

/end status update

I’m back on a diet.  I’ve set a goal to weigh 275 by March 1st.  I weigh 291.5 this morning (per the Wii Fit).  Losing weight is one of my goals.  I’m goal oriented now, or more so (if you couldn’t tell).

The books I’ve been studying are Zig Ziglar’s “Goals”, and Brian Tracy’s “No Excuses”.  I’ve had them both for a long time, but once in a while I get in the habit of listening and re-listening to them until I actually pick up something.  Both authors mention similar tactics for handling goals.

1) Write your goals down every day.  You should do this from memory, not just copying them over again.

2) Watch less TV.  TV can make you rich, but only if you turn it off (brian tracy said that).  If you study an extra hour a day, you will really move ahead in your field or whatever you decide to study.  The best way to “find” this hour is to eliminate so much TV watching.  This may not apply to everyone, but it sure applies to me.

3) Before you go to bed each day, write down the six things you MUST do tomorrow and then tomorrow, work on those in the order you prioritized them.  If it takes you all day to do the first task, it’s okay because you’ve already determined it was the most important task.

4) BT suggests that after you write your goals, you choose the most important one, put it at the top of a clean sheet of paper and then ‘MindStorm’ 10 things that you can do that will accomplish that goal.  Then you can focus on them.

5) Every goal must have a target/completion date.

So I’ve started writing my goals.  Both authors suggest that this helps you to keep your focus on them.  BT says that your mind starts to subliminally keep track of them.  ZZ points out that you can never hit a target that you can’t see or isn’t defined.

I just now started writing the 6 (zz) and 10 (bt) things to focus on.  ZZ says 6 tasks for the next day and BT jsut says 10 tasks and keep working on them.

ZZ says to tell your “going down” goals to everyone.  I.E. I’m going to lose weight, but you don’t share your “going up” goals I.E. I’m going to be the best salesperson in the office – since that just encourages others to help you fail.

Let’s see what happens.  I’ll report back on my progress.

Lost Sunglasses

Nathan and I went to Home Depot about two months ago.  I wore my sunglasses.  These are the sunglasses with the MP3 player and the built in camera with remote.  They’re awesome.  I put them in the basket while I took a board off of the shelf – and I never saw them again.  We looked everywhere for them, and I even called the store thinking that I left them in the cart.

This past Friday, I cleaned out my briefcase and found the special USB cable for them.  I keep running into it because I’ve been looking for a 1/8 to 1/8 stereo cable.  I pull out that cable and then I think “Oh, this goes to my lost sunglasses” and then I put it back.  This Friday, though, I finally through it away.  I’ll just never need it again.

On Sunday, Nathan found my sunglasses in the garage.  They were behind some stuff on the table.

I think those two incidents are related.  If I hadn’t thrown out the special cable, he’d have never found the glasses.

(Lucky for me, I never *really* throw anything away – for I found the cable in a drawer of other cables today.  So I win.)